Digital advertising has never been more effective than today. Get a head start on your competition by optimizing media with these innovative tools and services.

Behavioral/Demographic “Audience Targeting” Networks provides an integrated data management and audience targeting platform, enabling universal access to audiences. With 200 billion data insights daily into over 386 million people worldwide, this industry leading technology, The Audience Gateway, drives digital marketing success by empowering marketers with the intelligence and control to execute effective global campaigns. innovative insights from the fields of sociology, mathematics, and computer science with proprietary breakthrough technology, XGraph identifies high-value, scalable Connected Audiences for optimal ad targeting and delivery. XGraph provides Audience Buyers and Sellers with solutions that identify and target high-value custom audiences who share similar lifestyles, values, and purchasing habits.

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Real-Time Bidding Platforms is the leading developer of technologies for buying media using real time bidding. Triggit works with innovative marketers and their agencies to deliver unparalleled scale, efficiency and effectiveness in media buying. Execution: – Real-time media buying and online media planning tools. uses technology to optimize and scale ads for advertisers. offers advertisers and agencies of all sizes an easy-to-use advertising technology platform and services to increase operational efficiency and improve online media performance: manage and optimize all online media from one platform for the most efficient and effective use of ad spend possible.

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Ad Exchanges CONTEXTWEB Media Ad Exchange gives buyers and sellers complete control to outperform their competition. Let CONTEXTWEB find your customers for you and show ads only where they have proven to perform best. It’s easy to start using CONTEXTWEB. Media operates the first and largest exchange platform. Our premium marketplace has helped fuel the industry’s drive for efficiency and profitability that has become fundamental to digital advertising. With the market as fragmented as it is today, there is a need for one premium marketplace that combines multiple supply sources through one interface. Buyers want the ability to buy only the impressions they want, target audiences and manage frequency across many supply sources. The Right Media Exchange has the platform, tools, guidance and services to help members adapt to the ever-changing landscape of online marketing.

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Premium Ad Networks results? With over 80 original brands and thousands of third party sites, AOL Advertising can help you make a real impact. AOL Advertising provides advertisers, agencies and publishers with the most powerful, comprehensive and efficient online advertising tools available anywhere. The 80+ original brands available through AOL Media offer our clients unprecedented media placements, deep integration and eye-popping creative executions. Media Network is a premium ad network that puts you in front of a large audience with high-traffic sites like Facebook, Digg, Zune, Windows Live Sharing and more. Connect with audiences on a targeted or performance basis. Fusion is built around dedicated vertical teams that leverage their industry-specific knowledge of “what works” to create fully customized advertising solutions to help advertisers capitalize on opportunities at every level of the consumer decision process. From custom “brand channels” to increase awareness to vertical-specific targeting tools to drive immediate purchase, Tribal Fusion offers smarter solutions that drive greater results.

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Ad Management and Demand-Side Platforms was founded to bring the efficiencies of search advertising to online display. We are a software and services company with the industry’s only end-to-end platform for delivering the most effective data-driven digital advertising in the world. Our self-service interface, optimization algorithms, real-time analytics, interoperability, and scalable infrastructure represent the future of media and data management. is the leading provider of digital media trading technology and services, and invented the demand side platform category (DSP). MediaMath provides tremendous performance and ROI to forward-thinking agencies and their clients. We are the leader in cross-exchange advertising management services and technology. Our media buying platform provides the technology, strategy, services and insights to trade effectively across the leading display advertising exchanges on behalf of advertisers.

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Retargeting is an e-commerce customer data platform that helps online retailers “tell apart” their high value prospects and customers by unifying customer data and applying machine learning-backed predictive models to determine each users’ Customer Quality Score. Transactional Retargeting is one of the first applications on the TellApart platform, and several of the most prominent and largest companies in online retail have used it to drive tremendous success, including: eBags,, CSN Stores, and Hayneedle. is helping marketers rethink display advertising with a new approach called Personalized Media. This approach allows everything from the banner creative to media placement to be determined in real-time at the user and impression level. By making every online impression unique, consumers enjoy more meaningful advertisements and companies enjoy higher returns and improved user engagement.

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Search Retargeting is an online advertising platform that brings together the efficiency and efficacy of keyword-based search marketing with the reach and brand impact of display to create a new category of search-informed display advertising.™ is a search retargeting platform. Find new customers by targeting the recent search history of hundreds of millions of users.

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Social Media-Based “Audience Targeting” enables brand and performance marketers to unlock the power of the Social Web. Our SocialDNA™ platform uses previously untapped social data sources, in combination with advanced social network algorithms, to create unique and scalable audience segments. Using 33Across, you’ll drive improved results and have more actionable data at your fingertips.° delivers scalable custom audiences to major marketers by identifying the consumers most connected to a brand’s existing customers. These are the prospects most likely to share brand affinities. Conventional means of targeting using context and demographics are becoming obsolete due to the flood of data generated online. M6D is at the forefront of harnessing this data to construct custom audiences that deliver superior results to marketers.

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Video & Rich Media Ad Management Platforms you’re wondering how big online video advertising can get, you’re not alone. An elite list of world-class companies is betting that online video reaches their key audience segments. When you run on the BBE Network, you’re running with sophisticated advertisers who have vast experience in all media — both traditional and online — and they all have an intense interest in seeing this new medium grow. is the leading provider of online video advertising services, having served billions of advertisements since it was founded. BrightRoll helps major brands and agencies execute “smart video ad campaigns” across the industry’s leading publishers, including three-fourths of the top 100 online media properties in the United States. In addition to its network of high-quality, brand-safe sites, BrightRoll helps the world’s largest buyers of online video advertising achieve their campaign goals with efficient and transparent access to video inventory through the BrightRoll Exchange (BRX). BRX is a self-service, online video ad-buying platform that offers unmatched scale, efficiency and return on investment. develops video advertising trading, serving and management technology that makes video more profitable and less painful. It is the way video advertising works. The marketplace (atm) is the industry’s first online video advertising marketplace. atm connects advertisers, agencies, publishers and ad networks with a robust marketplace to make smart buying and selling decisions in real time.

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Creative Optimization offers marketers the unique prospect of providing “intelligent display advertising.” Teracent’s self-learning platform improves campaign performance over time by leveraging aggregate data to provide advertising that is most relevant to each individual consumer at each stage of the sales funnel. Teracent enables agencies and brand marketers to engage customers on an individual basis while maintaining total control and insight into their marketing investment. Quite simply, we make your media perform better. is the leading provider of dynamic marketing solutions for leading display advertisers and agencies. Tumri’s technology-based solutions improve overall marketing performance by making display advertising more efficient, more intelligent and more relevant to consumers. Tumri’s platform seamlessly deconstructs marketing messages and ad creatives into core sub-components, allowing advertisers to adjust each sub-component using targeting parameters and automatically optimizing dynamic marketing campaigns to achieve specific objectives. Using this approach, Tumri’s platform simultaneously delivers more relevant advertising messages to consumers, reduces creative production costs and timelines and delivers unparalleled consumer insights through its proprietary real-time analytics.

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Media Planning and Attribution a clear view into which demand generation investments work, and how budgets can be most effectively deployed to achieve your business goals. MarketShare is the leading decision sciences firm focused on resource allocation optimization, marketing ROI and effectiveness. MarketShare is expert at developing dynamic and econometrics models to quantify interactions between all business drivers that impact revenue – not just marketing or media drivers. Knowledge, the leading provider of real-time personalization and audience-centric display optimization solutions, enables agencies and advertisers to gain full control over their advertising campaigns, based on three principles – making it easy, making it flexible, and making it safe. Aggregate Knowledge technology helps its customers serve the best campaign, the best creative, and the best content, personalized to the tastes and needs of the consumer.

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Media Acquisition Platforms is a specialized marketing services platform that integrates technology, data and inventory to manage audiences for our clients. aims to maximize the performance of an advertiser’s online media investment by trading media and data assets between portfolios of advertisers and publishers in order to efficiently distribute each ad impression.

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Yield Optimization/Publisher Tools’s ad management technology combines an impression-level ad auction, the most comprehensive brand protection tools, and enterprise ad operations support to give the Web’s top publishers the most control over their revenue and brand. Some of the world’s most respected online publishers have chosen to work with PubMatic, including The Huffington Post, eBay, United Online, TV Guide, and the majority of the comScore Top 10. helps the world’s top publishers maximize ad revenues, and sell their inventory smarter, safer and more efficiently. The company’s dynamic yield optimization technology connects with hundreds of sources of demand such as ad networks, exchanges and DSPs, and provides tools and analytics for publishers to better understand and monetize their audiences. Current AdMeld customers include, AccuWeather, Discovery Communications, FOX News, Hearst Television, IAC, New York Post and more than 300 others worldwide.

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Mobile Ad Networks is one of the world’s largest mobile advertising networks, serving billions of mobile banner and text ads a month across a wide range of leading mobile Web sites and applications. AdMob helps advertisers connect with a relevant audience of consumers on mobile devices and gives publishers the ability to effectively monetize their mobile traffic. AdMob provides the tools, data, and business models fueling the explosive growth of mobile media in more than 160 countries and territories worldwide. is a mobile advertising company that owns and operates the fastest growing mobile advertising network, currently reaching more than 41 million unique users monthly through mobile web and app display advertising. The Mojiva network gives brand marketers and publishers everything they need to efficiently run targeted mobile display advertising campaigns within premium mobile content on any mobile device, including iPhones, iPads and other tablet devices.

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This list was inspired by the Display Advertising Technology Landscape infographic.